Deployment Feeds in ProGet

With Deployment Feeds in ProGet, simply configure your continuous integration server to package your builds and push them to a feed; then use BuildMaster to select which packages to import, and deploy them to any number of servers of environments.

Package → Push → Deploy

ProGet and BuildMaster

Integration → Test → Production

With ProGet managing your packages and feeds, use BuildMaster to manage delivery and deployment, and easily provide visibility into applications, releases, builds, promotions, and environments:

  • Establish a Deployment Pipeline
  • Integrate with your issue/bug tracker
  • Easily perform rollbacks
  • Manage environment-specific configuration files
  • Model approval & signoff process
  • Deploy to on-prem or cloud easily

To gain access to these features, download BuildMaster today and create a deployment feed. To learn more, check out the Deployment Feeds tutorial.